100 best managers of OMK

United by One Spirit

The best 100 managers of OMC (United Metallurgy Company) made ​​a trip to Armenia in October with culinary and gastronomic slant. The beauty of nature, Armenian hospitality, cuisine, cultural traditions and mountain air left unforgettable impressions and memories on them. And a relaxed and a friendly atmosphere that prevailed throughout the trip stressed the team spirit of OMC once again.

The most important thing at a corporate event is the atmosphere and the general impression that the participants will get and remember. For this, many organizational details should emerge in a mosaic so that everyone felt the elated mood and one united spirit of joy. Moreover, no two people are the same. Each person gives preferences to his/her certain predilections and searches for something very personal and close to only him/her in the atmosphere. It will be a great success for the organizers of the event if all the participants become unanimous in the created atmosphere.

Of course, each of us has ​​a completely different look, but it makes events more interesting reliving them through the prism of memories of our colleagues. At the top of the holy Mount Ararat a little cloud that never disappears can be seen in good weather. It is believed that this is the souls of all Armenians living in different countries of the world. And, perhaps, anyone who has been here and has touched this beauty leaves a piece of his/her soul, which will call her/him back here at least in memory.

 Prticipant’s diary

“First, once again I want to thank the organizers of the OMC for the high quality preparations for the trip to Armenia. I came back with lots of vivid impressions and still share them with my friends, family and colleagues. The trip allowed us not only to get acquainted with a number of colleagues from OMC closer, but to fundamentally change the opinion about Armenia, too. I saw a cultural nation that respects its history and honors its outstanding people.

A trip to the ancient monastery overlooking the biblical Mount Ararat made the most striking impression. You are taken out of breath of the thought that once the Ark of Noah could have stuck to this hill.”

Kyril Sukhov, VMF

“I was amused by hospitable, open and cheerful people. They are distinguished by a special, bright, sparkling sense of humor and keen optimism and no matter who it is: whether a director of a Brandy company, the Catholicos of all Armenians, a waiter or a seller in the store. In addition to this; unusual nature, distinctive cuisine and architecture! Unusual country …”

Igor Voronin

“My father worked for two years on the restoration of Spitak and Leninakan (Gyumri) after the powerful earthquake in 1988. He was just fascinated with the country, its people, and even learned Armenian a little. He talked a lot about his impressions, so for me personally, Armenia has been associated with something good and beautiful since youth. But what I saw and felt, having been in this country with a team of OMC exceeded all my expectations. Recalling this trip you sincerely regret that it was so short. I was struck by everything: enchanting mountain scenery, fascinating music remarkably in harmony with nature, the warmth and friendliness of the Armenians, and of course, the team of OMC, where a united spirit, an incredible drive and a sincere desire to make our company better was felt. But the most vivid impression made on me was swimming in Lake Sevan after midnight with the most courageous members of this team!”

Oleg Kulikov, VMF