Ararat marz

Territory: 2096 square km
Agricultural land: 88700 ha
Including arable land: 33300 ha
Population: 258,900 (as of 2016)

The marz of Ararat is situated in the western part of Armenia, to the south of Yerevan. The marz center is Artashat. The main road stretches out through the territory of the marz along the left bank of Araks river, mount Ararat (5165m) and the state boarder on its right. The impressive panorama of Mt. Ararat, its inaccessible height, and deep abysses has had great influence on the Armenians and has become an object of cult and mythology. According to the Bible Ararat is connected with the name of Noah, whose name symbolizes the new history of humanity.

The main interest and the attraction of the region is Khor Virap Monastery. Khor Virap, the site of royal prison where St. Gregory the Illuminator was held for thirteen years before converting Armenia into the first Christian nation in 301. Guided by the remote majesty of biblical Mount Ararat, we explore the site, its underground chambers, elegant chapels and are captivated by the ascetic atmosphere of the site.