Take part in the baking process of traditional Armenia bread-“Lavash”
Even when abroad, the Armenians remember about their traditional bread- lavash. A very thin, lightly wrapped stripe of dough about one meter long, baked on the hot wall of the oven- tondir. That is what the real lavash is. Try to bake lavash yourself, and taste it with traditional Armenian cheese and greens, which are surely the part of each dinner.

One of the main dishes of Armenian cuisine is Dolma, which is made in the leaves of grape and served with stand-alone matsun (Armenian yogurt) to be poured on it.

Ancient Armenians wrapped barbecue (Khorovats) in lavash, which is not less popular dish even today. Khorovats is good at any season of the year. In the summertime, khorovats is usually served with tomatoes, eggplant and bell peppers baked on skewers over hot coals.

Armenian cuisine is like a poem, each line of which has its own aroma and reminds you of innumerable dinners of shepherds and monks. Thousands of secrets make up the fame of Armenian cuisine, hundreds of poems were written about it.

 Armenian wine and brandy

According to one of the most realistic legends about the origin of winemaking, Noah was the first winemaker in the world. Upon the end of the Flood, Noah landed on Mount Ararat and planted a grape cutting in its foothill. This is namely here- in the foothill of Mount Ararat, the Ancient Armenia, where both grape cultivation and winemaking had started. Our tours include visit to a brandy and wine factory, where one may get acquainted with the history of Armenian wine and cognac making, as well as taste these sunlit spirits.

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