Gegharkunik marz

Territory: 5348 square km
Agricultural land: 240033 ha
Including arable land: 95148 ha
Population: 231,800 (as of 2016)

The marz of Gegharkunik is situated in the eastern part of Armenia, at 1500-1900m above sea level. The highest point is Mount Azhdahak (3598m).
The administrative center of the marz is Gavar. It is an important industrial center of Sevan basin, situated in the eastern slopes of Geghama mountain-chain.
Lake Sevan, the emerald of Armenia, is situated in the center of the marz. The name Sevan is of Urartian origin: Siuna meaning country of lakes.
Lake Sevan is 1.900 meters above sea level. In ancient times it was called geghama Sea.
Sevan is one of the highest among the freshwater lakes in the world. The famous trout, known as Ishkan (prince) is the queen of Sevan.
The peninsula, together with its monastery is one of the secrets of the nature. In the course of the centuries it sometimes turns into an island and vice versa. It is hard to imagine the island of Sevan (now it is peninsula) without the Sevan Monastery. The complex consists of three churches, forecourt, a school and other church constructions. According to the historic records, it was built in 874.