People and language

The Armenians are descendants of the branch of Indo-European family of languages.
Armenia is the only republic of the former Soviet Union that has a nearly-homogeneous population:

Armenians -97.9%
Kurds- 1.3%
Russians 0.5%
Assyrians- 0.1%
Ukrainians- 0.1%

According to a Greek geographer and historian Strabo the Armenians living in the Armenian highland spoke one language: Armenian.

Armenian is an ancient Indo-European language, which is not affiliated with any of the language groups of the Indo-European family of languages. Armenians speak two mutually intelligible and written forms of their language: Eastern Armenian (spoken mainly in Armenia, Iran and the former Soviet republics) and Western Armenian (spoken primarily in the Armenian diaspora).

Armenian is the language to speak with God.
George Gordon (Lord) Byron

The Invention of the Armenian alphabet in 405 by St. Mesrop Mashtots seems to be landmark in the millennial history of the Armenian people that resulted in a powerful cultural bang.

39 letters in total, from which Classical Armenian distinguishes seven vowels: a, i, schwa, open e, closed e, o, and u. Armenian is rich in combinations of consonants, especially in affricative sounds such as j, ch, and ts.

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