Ruzan’s B&B



Ruzan’s B&B is a cozy and relaxing homestay, run by an awesome family. The upper floor of the big house is converted into B&B while the owners live at  the ground floor. The host Ruzan, a history teacher, speaks really good French and knows how to provide excellent service. The B&B can accommodate up to 7 people at the time. There are 4 spacious rooms with a large balcony where the guests can rest under the leaves of the giant apricot tree. You can enjoy mountain view from the room. There is a beautiful fruit garden in front of the house  and  guests are free to pick the fruit themselves.  Free WiFi access is provided as well. Traditional Armenian food,  made from local vegetables and fruits,  is served daily.  The breakfast is hearty and usually includes  honey, jam, yogurt, eggs, lavash, veggies from the garden, pastries, cheese pancakes  and fresh in-season fruit.  Make sure you order supper there, because Ruzan is a great cook. Large and small meals may be arranged with advance notice. Guests are welcome to participate in daily country life, to attend the brewing of Armenian vodka, making of Armenian bread etc.  Ruzan  can  also  help arrange transportation to local sights for very fair prices  and give tour advices to the guests. 

Language: French, Russian




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