Vayots Dzor Marz

Territory: 2308 square km
Agricultural land: 75939 ha

Including arable land: 19857 ha
Population: 50,800 (as of 2016)

Vayots dzor is one of the southern marzes of Armenia. The most part of its territory is upland without woods and only 20% of the soil is being cultivated. The province is 1000-2300 m high above sea level. Yeghegia and Arpa rivers flow along the territory of the marz. The marz center Yeghegnadzor is situated on the bank of Arpa river.
In Yeghegnadzor there are monuments preserved from the I millennium B.C. to XVII c. and there is a Museum of Regional Ethnography.
There is an Art Gallery, a park named after famous architect Momik and on the eastern upland the University of Gladzor, established in XIII-XIV cc., is situated with its history Museum.
The monastery complex of Noravank (XII-XVI  cc.) is located in Noravank canyon, in the southern part of the marz. The canyon is rich with rare flora, medical gerbs, wild fruits, springs and different animals. There is a National Park, where there are a group of caves presenting certain speleological interest.
In the marz you will also find several remnants of ancient settlements as Yeghegis (V-XIII cc.), Mogh (II millennium BC- XV c. AD), the famous Proshaberd (XIII c.), Smbataberd (X-XIII c.) the fortress of Berdakar (Vc.) and the fortress of Kechout (X-XIV cc.).
Jermuk is a small resort town in the zone of favorable climatic conditions, with cool summers and mild winters. Jermuk is surrounded by woods and alpine meadows. The resort of international fame and importance is at the height of 2080m above sea level, on Arpa river.