Wine Tour

Depart for Armenia.

Breakfast at the hotel.
Our touring will start from Aragatsotn region with the following visits:
Saghmosavank (Monastery of Psalms) perched on the edge of picturesque Kasakh gorge.
• Magnificent Amberd Fortress on the southern slope of Aragats. Breathtaking views of the fortress and citadel, snow covered peaks of Aragats, sun scorched grasslands dressed in wildflowers combine to provide an unforgettable experience this morning.
Here we will stop at the Proshyan Wine factory. Interesting introduction to winemaking in Armenia and tasting of several types of Armenian wine.
Lunch at a local restaurant.
Dinner at a local restaurant.
Overnight in Yerevan.

SaghmosavankAmberd FortressProshyan Brandy Factory

Breakfast at the hotel.
Today we will drive to the South-West of Armenia, to Armavir region with the following visits:
Echmiadzin– the holy seat of the Supreme Patriarch-Catholicos of all Armenians. The Cathedral was built in 303 on the site of a pagan temple after the adoption of Christianity as a state religion in 301.
Hripsime Church (7th century).
• A few kilometers from Echmiadzin there are the ruins of the 7th century AD Temple of Zvartnots.
After sightseeing tours, we will visit Art school in Echmiadzin for lunch prepared by talented children- the students of the Art school.
On the way back to Yerevan, we will stop at Maran winery for tasting several types of Armenian wine.
Lunch at a local restaurant.
Dinner at a local restaurant.
Overnight in Yerevan.

Echmiadzin CathedralHripsime ChurchZvartnots Temple

Breakfast at the hotel.
We start to explore the Southern Armenia with the following visits:
Khor-Virap (4th-17th cc). Khor Virap is one of the romantically sited monasteries in Armenia with views across a bast plain to Turkey and the twin peaks of Mount Ararat.
Noravank- 12th century monastery complex set in a canyon rich with rare flora.
In the Areni village we will visit wine factory. Here we will meet local people and listen to the traditions of homemade wine.
Here we will have chance to visit the oldest winery in the world.

Reported by AOLNEWS:
‘Wine lovers’ quest for the perfect, full-bodied red is apparently older than anyone realized.
In a cave complex in Armenia, archaeologists from the University of California have unearthed what they believe is the world’s oldest winery, from 6,100 years ago’.

Lunch at a local restaurant.
Dinner at a local restaurant.
Overnight in Yeghegnadzor.

Khor VirapNoravankAreni winery

Breakfast at the hotel.
Sightseeing of Old Goris town. Stop at Halidzor Village to take the longest in the world tramway(build in October 2010) to the Tatev Monastery. According to historian Stepanos Orbelian, the first church of what later became the mighty walled complex of Tatev was actually built in the 4th century. In the 8th century, it was made the throne of the Syunik bishopric and in the 9th century, it expanded, becoming a major feudal power. 
Drive to Sevan via Selim pass. Visit Noratus – medieval cemetery with a large number of early khachkars located in the village of Noratus. The cemetery has the largest cluster of khachkars in the republic of Armenia. It is currently the largest surviving cemetery with khachkars. Visit Hayrivank dating to the 9th century. Visit Lake Sevan- the emerald of Armenia.
Arrive and check in the hotel in Sevan.
Lunch at a local restaurant.
Dinner at a local restaurant or at the hotel in Sevan.
Overnight at the hotel in Sevan.

Tatev MonasteryNoratus KhachkarsHayrivank

Breakfast at the hotel.
The day starts with a visit to Sevanavank monastery.
Drive to Dilijan town for the sightseeing of the 13th century Haghartsin Monastery.
After that we will visit Molokan village. Molokan (molokanin, which came from moloko, milk) referred to anyone who consumed dairy products on fast days when milk was forbidden to Orthodox Christians.
Here we will have lunch.
The tour will continue to Lori region for the visit to 10th-13th centuries Haghpat and Sanahin historical and architectural monuments set amidst forest-clad hills close to the town of Alaverdi (178 kilometers from Yerevan). The monuments are preserved by UNESCO and included in the World Heritage List.
Arrival in Alaverdi.
Lunch at a private house in Molokan village.
Dinner in the hotel.
Check in the hotel in Alaverdi.

SevanavankHaghpat MonasterySanahin Monastery

Breakfast at the hotel.
We continue to explore some of the less traveled routes of Lori, the largest of Armenia’s 11 provinces. Start our day with a visit to Akhtala monastery. Akhtala is a 10th-century fortified Armenian Apostolic Church monastery located in the town of Akhtala in the marz of Lori, 185 kilometers north of Yerevan. The monastery is currently inactive. The fortress played a major role in protecting the north-western regions of Armenia (Gugark) and is among the most well preserved of all in modern Armenia. The main church at the compound is famous for its highly artistic frescoes, which cover the inside walls, the partitions, and the bearings of the building. The modern name of Akhtala was first recorded in a royal decree of 1438.
Our next visit will be to the ruins of one of feudal Armenia’s main fortresses, Lori Berd situated on a naturally fortified plateau between two river gorges. Explore the site and take in the beauty of dramatic mountain scenery. After that we have time to walk and relax in Stepanavan Dendropark, a huge botanical garden founded in 1931, on site explanations by the team at the park.
Drive to Yerevan and check in the hotel.
Lunch at a local restaurant.
Dinner at a local restaurant or at the hotel in Yerevan.
Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.

Akhtala FortressLori BerdStepanavan Dendropark

Breakfast at the hotel.
Sightseeing of the picturesque Avan Canyon, skirting formidable cliffs and passing exotic-looking gorges until a green plateau by the Azat River comes into view. Here, in the harmony of relief and the virgin nature you will see the pagan Garni architectural complex of the 1st century and feel the spirit of ancient ages. Another ten minutes ride through the gorge will take you to the cave monastery of Geghard (12th –13th centuries). Before dinner free time at leisure for individual exploration and packing.
Lunch at a local restaurant.
Dinner at a national restaurant with folk music performance.
Overnight in Yerevan.

Garni TempleGeghard MonasteryGeghard

The attractions of the program:

• Lunch at a private house to see the process of baking the traditional bread “Lavash”.
• The quintet “Luys” (meaning “Light”) was founded in 2002 and consists of five feminine voices: soprano – Hasmik Baghdasaryan, Mariam Mailyan, alto – Marine Nazaryan, Sofya Konjoyan, Shahane Zalyan.
• Spanning 5.7 kilometers across the spectacular Vorotan River Gorge, the Tatev Aerial Tramway – the longest passenger aerial tramway in the world – is poised to be one of southern Armenia’s most popular attractions.

Early morning transfer to the airport for flight back.





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