Tavush Marz

Territory: 2704 square km
Agricultural land: 93574 ha

Including arable land: 27294 ha
Population: 125,500 (as of 2016)

The marz of Tavush is situated in the northern part of Armenia. Most of the part of the territory is on the height of 800-1700 m above sea level. Landscapes are mostly woody-mountainous and dry mountainous prairie. The woods lie along the hills at the height of 600-2900 m above sea level with more than 120 kinds of trees: beach-tree, oak-tree, nut-tree, jack-tree, etc.  The fauna is rich, too, and one can meet brown bear, wild boar, fox, wolf, marten, etc. There are 40 kinds of birds here.
Ijevan is the marz center. During the excavations and constructions there were found tomb-fields and fortresses of II-I millennium B.C. testifying to the fact that the territory has been inhabited since ancient times. The medieval settlements, fortresses and monastery complexes preserved in the neighborhood of Ijevan, come to prove that the valley was densely populated in early middle ages.
One of the most flourishing towns of Armenia is Dilijan, a famous health resort and cultural center. There are several resorts and hotels, where one can treat pulmonary, gastrointestinal, abdominal, liver and other diseases, metabolic and leukemic disturbances. There are almost 20 mineral springs in the neighborhood of Ijevan and Dilijan towns.
Built in the most attractive corners of the nature the monastery complexes of Goshavank (XII-XIII cc.), Haghartsin (XI-XIII cc.), Makaravank (XI-XIII cc.), Voskepar (VI-VII cc.) and various other monuments are considered to be the adornments of Tavush. The fortresses hidden in the clouds high up in the mountains are the fascinating beauty.